what is the best gaming monitor besides 2232bw?

I don't know why but Samsung 2232bw never came to my country and probably never will.

What is the best gaming 22" monitor out there today other than 2232bw?

this is the last piece in the puzzle.

Thank you
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  1. Check this review : http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/other/display/22inch-2.html. After reading this I decided to go for the ASUS VW222u and I don't regret a thing.
  2. im sure theres more than one, come on people
  3. Perhaps there are more than one, but what renders you incapable of doing your own research?

    BenQ makes some reasonable models.
  4. The_politician

    I bet you go trough all the posts telling everyone to look on their own while talking down.

    You probably need it

    ignore him people, the subgect is- the best monitor 22" other then 2232bw
  5. The fact is your lazy

    Look at reviews on your own... if you had no knowledge of monitors that would be one thing... but if you didn't have any knowledge you wouldn't be on a forum devoted to hardware not monitors...

    Also you do know something about monitors you can do your own research. Just like when a noob asks you to put together a system... you do it... but when an experienced user asks you to... you say f*ck off

    I'm telling you now go do your own research and stop being a lazy whiney b*tch if people don't want to help you because your clearly capable of doing it yourself
  6. You should try this one, I'm sure it will be very informative.


    And please don't try to insult The_politician, he has given the best advice so far, excluding mine.
  7. sending people to google is an act of the anti social members of forums.

    you are a cancer of this comunity.

    luckly, you are few.
  8. Actually by sifting out people who have questions easily answered by a 2 minute google search and people who have real questions, proper online social interaction can take place.

    Result of 2 minutes on google:

    In depth reviews of many lcd monitors of every size with personal feedback from members

    More in depth professional reviews

    Man, that sure was hard.
  9. No you are lazy and you are taking away from users helping people who really NEED help. The Samsung 2232bw is not a great monitor, so I suppose you are not all that picky. Buy this:


    It is one of the best mid range TN panel series, and BenQ makes amazing monitors, though you would know that if you spent the time to research...
  10. this forum is 80% of these kind of questions.
    this thread just attraced idiots i guess.
  11. No, your the idiot




    No matter how smart you think you are... theres always someone smarter than you... and you know what? Most of the people here are smarter than you, so f*ck off and go somewhere else you dumb a**

    Oh, and 80% of the questions here are similar to yours... but see they aren't d*cks about it... AND their questions can't be answered by a 2 minute google search... really try to stop being a anti-social b*stard who thinks hes cool by acting smart on a forum... its not... and normal people can quickly realize the kind of person you are...
  12. ^ Down killer, settle!
  13. The new HP LCD's are killer. All the retailers have them on display.
  14. thogrom

    well, i am smarter then you.
    no need to get so angry. its just how things are.

  15. Quote:
    well, i am smarter then you.
    no need to get so angry. its just how things are.

    Well if you are so smart why didn't you find your answer here : www.google.com] with a simple search? :P . Instead you came to this forum and ask a question that could have been solved in 10 minutes of searching for different reviews... By seeing the way you acted in this situation I believe that you have an IQ inversely proportional with your arrogance ... and you have a looooot of it. :P
  16. I'm curious to your IQ then.... I myself have an iq in the top 1% of society... tested from legitimate IQ tests - Wechsler to be exact... Unless you have an iq over 145 you cannot claim your smarter than me... you may be smarter than me in english... But anything in Math I will dwarf you
  17. thogrom... don't mind him. We must forgive the less fortunate in intelligence. :na:
  18. LMAO!!!

    I just realized the loser beginner pm-ed me...

    this is what he said:

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    as if being a loser wasn't enough... now he proves hes gay LOL way to funny XD
  19. If you took the test it shows you have a real self confidence problem.

    I hope that test helped your self esteem.

    I don't know how accurate these test are cause as far as you testing with me you get off really dumb.

    i AM smarter then you
  20. haha, thats funny, thanks for posting that
  21. w/e have fun thinking your smarter than people

    have fun sucking other mens cocks

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  22. Quote:
    w/e have fun thinking your smarter than people

    You wrote w/e because you obviously can't control your temper,

    and I don't see how that 145 IQ comes to play if you write your for you are, come on, that's a kindergarten mistake.
  23. You are right about one thing... I have a lower anger tolerance than most... however this is a forum... and not formal... AND I already posted earlier that i'm not good at english... once again have fun thinking your smarter than others

    I'm done with this thread
  24. i know you are done, you lost
  25. http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/926/ourcommunityue7.th.jpghttp://img167.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif
    I must agree with him, with the exception of Fanboys we are a happy community!
  26. Personally I get Samsung T220 with 1.50000 contrast and 2ms latency.
  27. HAHA! He PM'd me too asking me to "not post if I have nothing useful to say".

    Oddly enough I searched all his post history and there are at least 3 threads with the exact same topic as this one.

    True champion of life.

    Looking for a constructive post? As I mentioned before, BenQ has some really well priced gaming monitors that are pretty much on par with the big wigs. My preference always has me compare everything to Samsung and a close friend of mine's BenQ is really nice. He got his "open boxed" at a discount from TigerDirect.ca
  28. Yo,
    I was googling to find an answer to just this question when I came across this site. Google will bring the inexperienced (am an older woman looking for a surprise gift for my grandson) by the many thousands to this site. Instead of finding useful information from people who admittedly know more than I with a spirit of sharing that knowledge to be helpful, all I found was a bunch of aholes! There are people ignorant on certain issues and then there are just the plain ignorant.
  29. Grandma is right.

    Of all the "geniuses" posting about googling, I noticed that NONE had an answer. Why? Because they don't know. They spout the google BS because they are embarrassed that they don't know.

    Google: "best gaming monitor" yeilds 300 forums all spouting to use google.

    oh yeah, thats helpful.

    if you don't know the answer, then STFU and stop trying to raise your e-peen post counts you noobtards
  30. beginner101 said:
    sending people to google is an act of the anti social members of forums.

    you are a cancer of this comunity.

    luckly, you are few.

    although they may seem few to you, add me to that batch
  31. Really. Old. Thread.
  32. yeah i just saw that. it came up in recent threads....so i did what i do.
  33. Yes, but when googling, this thread is very near the top of the search list, so it is therefore still relavent.

    ******* LCD comparisons site ******


    That will help some.

    Currently the Dell 2209WA is looking the best performance/price

    e-IPS panel with great contrast, accurate colors, excellent response time and very controlled overdrive.
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