Am2 x2 5000+ vs - x1950 pro

will a am2 5000+ bottleneck a power color x1950 pro?
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  1. not a chance.

    only the hd4000 series would come anywhere near getting bottlenecked by that CPU (mainly the 4870 & 4850\70x2's)

    I had the Saphire x1950GT overclocked to hell (way past the specs of the x1950 pro) and was still able to see some very impressive improvements (u should be able to overclock that and still have head room in the CPU)
  2. BTW the overclocked x1950GT was paired with a AMD skt939 4200x2 and 2GB DDR1 RAM
  3. power color x1950pro does not oc very well, u see only a very small difference in performance. i have a x1650 pro 512mb power color also, so i will just buy another and crossfire them, for 25 pounds u cant go wrong. i was thinking of getting rid of the 64 x2 5000+ and sticking in a 6400+ but i dont think the extra power consumption is worth the 20% increase in cpu speed, as its almost double the power consumption!
  4. I am not saying to overclock the GPU, i am just stating that if a 4200x2 can handle an overclocked GT, then the 5000x2 can eqasily handle the pro.

    a 6400+ is a nice CPU, although i believe for a nice performance boost, and low power usage, then a phenom x3 may suit u more.
  5. greemasta said:
    will a am2 5000+ bottleneck a power color x1950 pro?

    None whatsoever. Why are you considering upgrading to such an outdated peice of hardware?

    If you look at the Hierarchy Chart from just a few days ago you'll notice the HD 4650 performs much better than the X1950Pro (three tier levels higher to be exact), additionally it's power consumption is much lower and is a DX10.1 card. I would not spend 25 pounds on an X1950 right now considering an HD 4650 can be had (at least in the US for $60). The 4650 would not be even close to bottlenecked either, the 5000+ is still a fairly capable CPU, and it would take a HD 4870X2 to have a true bottleneck of the system. I would stop worrying about bottlenecks and get a capable modern card.
  6. a 4650 is a bout 45 pounds here so it is cheaper to crossfire the x1650 pro with another one for 25 pounds, i"m running xp pro so i"m looking for a direct x9 card as i have heard about a few issues with the backwards compatability. 2 x1650pros will beat a 4650 hands down and will cost half the price of me upgrading to the 4650
  7. I doubt that. I doubt that as much as 2 x1650s beating a x1950pro. Its cheaper to run your CF setup, but thats about it.
  8. If you actually believe that two X1650 pros will beat a 4650 I want a hit of whatever your smoking. Heh, it's probably the same stuff that anyone honestly supporting Bush is hitting :D. Anyway the X1650XT is a different story as that card was a slightly crippled X1950 Pro (the first ATI chip that didn't need a crossfire master card). The X1650 Pro was much weaker and was pretty much the same as the X1600 XT, and two of those cards in crossfire preform lower than a single X1950 GT (which is a lower clocked X1950 pro by the way).

    Personally I think getting another X1650 pro would be a waste, but it's your money. A single 4650 would preform much better, but it's also worth it to pay a little more and go with a 4670 or 3850. My 3850 runs just fine in XP with the 8.11 drivers. If you can get an X1950 Pro for less than a Radeon 4650, then go for it, otherwise get at least a 4650.
  9. It's your money, but I think investing in a DX9 card right now is a waste.
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