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the old motherboard which supported ddr ram is replaced with a new one (dg31pr). but since the new one supports only ddr2, we purchased ddr2 ram from dynet company, along with intel core2duo processor. the motherboard came with its own monitor card and so only the hard disk, smps and the cabinet is old. the problem is, when i try to install win xp in that machine, i'm getting a blue screen error which says


and then it ask me to restart. this problem is repeating again and again, no matter how many times we try. what is the problem? how to fix this issue?
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  1. What is the memory chipset id on the ram (example micron). Check for any voltage specs. You may have to go into the bios and increase the memory voltage to 2.0 for stability. Also, did you format the hardrive before trying to install windows?
  2. i couldnt' see any chipset id. the info which is there in ram is "Dynet, dnhmau1gc6fer1-A6, 1 GB, PC2-5300U-555.

    right now, i'm running memory check from ubuntu, following my friend's advice. I'll try increasing the memory voltage to 2 in bios and will post my response here.
  3. Just Change Bios setting to point to 553 in chipset configuration by agressive method
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