My new SATA drive(internal) says NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND

my configurations r as follows:
Mother board : DG33
Sata hard disk : TRANSCEND 500 GB
RAM : 2 GB
OS : Windows Vista Ultimate
I bought my whole machine about a year ago and everything was alright except b4 a couple of months ago when i started getting an error during boot that "No bootable device found". I went into the BIOS setup and it says "No hard disk drive" in the boot order menu. Can anyone help and tell me how to make it readable again as i didn't make any backup of my data.
From how much i have read so far i'm thinking of setting my Sata as IDE in the BIOS but atleast it should detect a hard disk first. I also read somewhere that its possible to set the BIOS in factory settings in case of the same problems but i'm confused what to do whether to set my sata as ide or change the settings to Factory. Any expert thoughts will be appreciated.
I even read on another page that u can first remove the VRAM battery then reboot and try changing the BIOS setup. UMMMMMM, how do u change the VRAM battery by the way and is it fine to follow the same thing. Please do comment and help.
(Temporarily, i'm using my older IDE hard disk that i had b4, which is from my old pc and has XP PRO in it. )
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  1. To answer your first question, I suggest powering down your computer, opening it, and unplugging and replugging the HDD from the SATA port. Trying to set it as an IDE device might not do anything, since it isn't an IDE device after all. If things still don't work, try another SATA cable.
  2. hi dear friend,
    i not only tried putting a new data cable but also a new power cable for my SATA drive and that too was b4 i wrote my post. :)
    i know that when u make a new hardware change, u are supposed to power on and off for changes to take place.
    its still not detecting my disk, it says "No bootable device found".
    I think its got a physical error may be. what do u think.
    if there still is a trick to finding out my SATA drive in the BIOS, please let me know.

    Cheers!!!!. :)
    Your friend.
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