Core i7 860 Prime95/100% load temps?

Hey guys, I just recently built a new rig about a month ago and I love it. Just started to do some OC'ing and I was kinda worried about my temp in Prime95 cause I'm still a beginner at this stuff... Anyways here are my current specs.

Core i7 860 @ 3.59GHz

171 x 21

My temps idle from around 31C to 34C which is all good but when I turn on Prime95 It skyrockets...

at 100% load after running it for about 10 mins gets up to 79C on one of the cores and around 75 - 76C on the rest.

I am wondering If i have something wrong or if this is normal at 100% load. If anyone can let me know that would be great, I don't wanna go overheating this beast anytime soon.

My cooler is a CoolerMaster V8.

Thanks for the help.

Full Specs.

Windows 7 64bit
Core i7 860
Gigabyte P55A-UD3
4G G.Skill 1600
XFX HD5850

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  1. Well, the v8 isnt the best cooler, but the temps seem a litttle high. I wouldnt let them get past 78c on full load.
  2. At those settings i get around 72-75c with my CM 212+ cooler. If you disable HT your temps will be lower. HT= Heat. What Case do you have? Good air flow??
  3. Thanks for the help... Well I have an Antec 900 but I bought 4 extra fans and have pretty good air flow...I know its small but stays pretty cool inside. I got some good cable management goin on in there too. Good to see though someone with at least close temps to mine.

    If I'm at 3.5 now with those temps at 100% load do you think I could go higher to maybe 3.8? That was my original goal. This cpu is mostly for games and web browsing but I dunno a second opinion would be great.
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    Yeah, you could try to push it a little further. Just keep the vcore as low as poasible. Vcore adds 10x more heat than actual speed does. Actually, some people disable ht and some dont, depends on what you are doing. Ht will help alot for all the multi thread apps, but not so much for games, as games do not run on 8 threads.

    You really dont want your temps much higher than they are now, so if you decide to continue, keep them down below 80c.
  5. You could play with the voltage to the CPU to get the temps down a little.

    I've built a couple of i5-750's. The latest one with a Xigmatek Balder cooler runs about 56 under Prime95 at 3.6GHz.
  6. At stock speed, with HT enabled and with a CM Hyper 212+, I get 58C stable on Prime95 blend test. Is that decent?
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