4.20GHZ i5 750, is it really THIS easy?

Found this article that claims a stable 4.20GHZ OC on i5 750 with just changes to BCLK and DRAM frequencies on ASUS P7P55D series motherboards...

http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=863&p=2 (bottom of page)

Still waiting on my parts so I thought I'd research OC for the Core i5 750 (my first build). Can anybody verify this method? It seems that if it were really this easy I would have come across it on Tom's by now.

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  1. Every other article I've read involved like 8 BIOS changes and .1v adjustments and BSOD all over the place to hit 3.8Ghz. Seemed too good to be true
  2. I just slapped my Core i7 860 to 3.6ghz no BSOD's. I was amazed lol. Changed vcore and bclock and memory. Within the Overlocking Intel forums just read the 'Core i7 Overclocking Guide' it really is easy man. Have fun!
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