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I'm using an 8800GTS board to run my 28" Viewsonic monitor. The monitor has a HDMI port & a D sub port for inputs. The vid card has 2 DVI output ports. For some reason I can only get a blue screen through the HDMI port on the monitor. The D sub port works fine. I've tried swapping the cables to the output ports with the same results. Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.
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  1. I'm not sure anyone's interested but I'll report some progress. I installed a current video driver which allowed me some switches not previously available. One of them enabled digital video so now I am able to receive a signal through the monitor's HDMI port however the display consists of my Windows wallpaper and a cursor. No icons, no taskbar, nothing. On second thought, maybe this isn't progress.
  2. Just in case anyone is still interested, last night I played around with some of the toggles in the video driver. I don't think I did anything I hadn't done before (there's not that much to change) but suddenly I got a proper display through the DVI/HDMI ports. I don't know why but I'm not complaining. Over & out.
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