WOW!! Look at this Amazing Case!

This case looks amazing. The cooling looks amazing. The idea is amazing. The case IS AMAZING!

I don't know what you think about the looks, opinions differ a lot, but for a fan of the understated classy look I must say this might be the nicest looking case that I have ever seen. The revolutionary design of it makes a lot of sense and yet I had never thought about. I can not wait for the first reviews to come out! Did I mention that this case is extremely large?!

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  1. It looks ok. My first question would be how the air flow pattern is.
  2. I like silverstone cases .

    I have a silverstone case .

    But that hideous monster takes the cake for ugly and impractical . Its hard enough to reach around and plug stuff in on an ordinary case so adding a fairing to the back of the case to make it harder is as close to insanity as any engineering I have seen .
  3. ...cos the box says 'Raven' maybe?
  4. If you take off the dumb vent on the side (SYMMETRICAL = GOOD ASYMMETRICAL = BAD!) it looks pretty sleek. It actually has a somewhat conservative look, but with an aggressive edge. I am waiting for a good review to see how the I/O shield works out like that, but I suspect cooling will be great.
  5. After looking at the pics, I can't figure what the Revolutionary 90 degrees motherboard mounting feature is. :p
  6. Look at those pictures and you'll understand.
  7. All I see is my poor DVI connector having to be bent at such a tight 90 deg. angle... 7 CM is not much room to play with. And then there's the 'stealth' door for all of your front connections. If you really use those connections that will be a pain, or just always left open.

    Then there's the airflow situation. Two 18CM fans intake, only one 12CM fan exhaust? I believe that a little positive ventilation is a good thing, but that seems to me to be just a bit much. And only USD 230!
  8. 90 degrees - simple concept, not revolutionary. BTX changed thermals around more but didn't take off in mass because ATX was sufficient (and, well, because P4's successor produced less heat).

    This looks like a good design, in theory. Venting is smoother out the top because hot air rises, and the positive pressure keeps dust from entering via the top.

    On the downside, dust will enter when the system is off, and you can no longer extend your desk onto the top of the case. And how do you like a bunch of cables protruding from the top? Most $250 steel/plastic cases are meant for looks, too.

    Lastly, if you're keeping any IDE drives, on some motherboards that can be quite a stretch from the IDE slot to the drive bays.
  9. Thanks for sharing. This is an awesome idea and presentation. The video card heat is naturally vented straight up in this configuration. Looks pretty slick too.
  10. I don't think that the 1 exhaust fan is a problem. It is positive airflow meaning that air wants to get out anywhere, and the top is very assessable for it to travel through. It will come down to how well the ventilation has been done on the case, which a review should handle.
  11. I think the general idea is good, but, as some pointed, there are a few considerations that seem to have been missed in the design:
    They should have provided "L" shaped connectors for DVI, ethernet and other frequently used ports.
    If you put the case on the floor, you might hear more noise as the video card will now face UP instead of BACK.

    But overall I think the idea might have been better than BTX since it doesn't require a new form-factor.
  12. We will see how well the system works when it comes to the connectors in the reviews. Yes it might be a pain, but really who cares? People nit pick about things so much it is ridiculous, a USB/Firewire/Esata cable wont have a problem bending back there and those are the only cables that would be frequently changed out. If you are odd and change out DVI/HDMI cables every day then this case is not for you. It is all about personal preference.
  13. just use a steamer trunk with a window AC unit out one side.

    size and cost would be comperable.

    the truck would win in the looks department and of course cooling.
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