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Does a game (such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2) have to be PhysX enabled to be able to use PhysX cards? Or do the cards work with every game?
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  1. The game has to have PhysX in the programming code. All Nvidia cards can do PhysX with driver updates.
  2. ^ Are you sure about all nVidia cards? I heard it was only some G92 and newer cards.

    I have a 8800GTS 320MB (G80) just chilling on a shelf I have been waiting to plug in for Physx
  3. i've heard the 8800 series, the 9xxx series, and the new gt cards can all run physx

    but i've also heard about people not being able to run it on their cards, somethign that probably has been fixed
  4. My G80 8800 runs PhysX just fine.
  5. All nvidia cards 8+ series are able to run physics; card must have 256mb dedicated video ram.
  6. As someone who has both GRAW2 and an 8800GTS/G92, I can say PhysX works well enough, well enough in that the system doesn't seem to run any worse (it does run hotter) or slower and that in the PhysX specific levels there is a heap of debris and assorted crap flying and blowing around.
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