Ntfs to fat32 for 1tb external

ive got a seagate 1TB external hard drive it came automatically foramtted to NTFS and i was wondering how i can format it to FAT32?
im running winodws 7 at the moment btw if that makes a difference
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  1. FAT32 will not handle that big of a hard drive. You're better off leaving it as NTFS.
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    Check the limit of the size of FAT32 drives. Although it is not the best choice, sometimes you do need a FAT32-formatted drive. When you do, Partition the 1 TB unit into 2 or more Partitions. Be SURE you do not have any info on this unit before proceeding. Then use Windows Disk Management to Delete any and all Partitions on the unit so it starts like a brand new empty drive. THEN start Creating and Formatting new Partitions. Format each separately using the File System you need. You could make 2 or 3 or more FAT32 volumes. Or, if you really need it but only need one such volume, Format only one Partition that way - choose its size correctly first - then Partition and Format the rest of the HDD as an NTFS volume.
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