Problem being able to see all my files/folders on othe computers

Heys people, I got some stuff on my Flash memory and most of the old stuff that's in it can not be seen on my laptop or any other computer aside my desktop PC.
Here's how it looks on the only computer I can access all files in it:

Now, as you can see most of the folders apart the TX folder seem like they have been prepared to be CUT.
While most of the files (they have been recently put there) are not like that. But an older file "ws.exe" is also "foggy".

These foggy items can not be seen on any other computer than this one I'm writing from.
What do I do to make them visible on every other computer?

My laptop and my desktop have the same XP Pro. system.
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  1. Try enabling the hidden files and folder option (go to tools, files and folders, and check the "show hidden files or folder") on the computer that will not show the files correctly.
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