Is this a good overclock for a phenomII 955

Hi, New to the forms and I was wondering if some one can tell me if this is a good over clock for the PhenomII (it's my firs time in a while using an AMD CPU) It is running at 3.6GHZ and It's idle temp is 39-40C and under load (PRIME95) it's up around 55-56C. Core VID is 1.350v and I am cooling it with a Hyper 212 Plus. It is stable. So is that good temps and Core VID good for a 3.6Ghz over clock? Have a look at the CPUID and Core Temp screen shots below.

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  1. Your load temps are way off unless you have terrible airflow and or high ambient temps. The 212+ is a superb cooler, your idle temps should be in the 30's and your LOAD in the 40's @ 3.6Ghz ...
  2. I will order a faster fan for it and try that....i have a CM sniper black for my case so air flow should not be much of a problem (least I don't think so)
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