Suggestion for a silent case fan?

Currently running two of these CoolerMaster fans in my case:
One of them is going at 700rpm, the other at the full speed of 1200rpm. The full speed one is kind of loud, so I want to replace it with a silent fan. Let me know you would suggest. It can be either 120mm or 140mm.
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  1. I would suggest this one:

    Almost completely silent, great price, decent CFM. Actually it has better airflow than your current fans.
  2. That one you suggested looked really great. This seems pretty cool as well:
    Maybe I will get them both.
  3. Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about quiet fans and other quiet components:

    The information will help you make an informed decision.
  4. 1200 RPM isn't a loud fan to start with, almost.

    There are NO silent fans. There are quality quiet fans with a lesser, troublesome noise envelope and still decent airflow.

    There are NO silent fans

    Look at the Scyth Gentle Typhoons, I'd suggest the 1450 RPM ones for you. You DO need some case air flow.

    There are NO silent fans
  5. yeah, thats a nice one, i just cant justify spending that much on a fan though.

    Look here, these are the fastest, quietest fans out there...
  6. Whatever fans the Thermaltake M9 case comes with are literally silent. I can't hear them easily. They sound like they are 2db or something.
  7. The noisy CoolerMaster fan was installed on the side panel, I took it out and put it on the top of the case as "top exhaust" fan, now the noise is gone. It must have been vibrating or something while installed on the side panel.
  8. Yeah, it helps alot if you put rubber washers on the fans.
  9. I am going to echo the other skeleton face up there....johnnylucky on the silentpcreview site recommendation. Though I can say that I really like these fans which that site hasn't reviewed as yet.

    70 cfm @ 18dba

    53 cfm @ 14dba (PWM)
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