Hard drive will not format completely

Hello, I am trying to fully format my hard drive (160GB)and performing a fresh installation of Win XP. As soon as the formating reaches 100% it bring an error message saying that windows is unable to format the dard drive etc.
I tried this a couple of times and the same thing happened. Is ther anything I can do to rescue the hard drive not the data and continue to intall windows.
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  1. You could try Gparted, and see if it will do the trick.


    It's a live Linux CD that I use all the time. I formatted a TB drive in less than ten minutes.
  2. Any chance you are trying to install the first version of Win XP that has NO Service Packs included on your Install disk? If that is your situation, it cannot make and use a Partition larger than 128 GB (by Microsoft's way of counting).
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