Can't make DVD-RW to work

I've been having this weird issue with my PC lately...
Before I moved to another country everything worked just fine...
I had SATA HD and 2 PATA devices-DVD-RW (brand new) and older CD-RW.
To the best of my recallection the PATA drives were on different channels, but I'm not too sure about that. Then I disassembled my PC, moved and here I reassembled it back together.
I didn't take the PATA CD-RW drive because of the weight on the plane limitation.
And now everything is OK, but I can't make DVD-RW work. It shows constant light on and doesn't react (can't even open it) and it's not seen in neither BIOS nor Windows.
The drive itself is fine (checked it in another PC). PATA data cables are not visibly damaged.
I tried to play with different Master-Slave combination and put the drive on different difference, except that sometime even the HD disappears as well.
I kinda gave up, so I was thinking just to buy a new SATA DVD-RW or even USB external one...Recently I've noticed that my PC sometimes shows the wrong time, but then I changed to PC clock and now it seems to be OK for a time being. Maybe the battery is getting older...its a 5 yo mo-bo (old AMD Athlon 64 socket 939 Gigabyte one)...
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  1. this is the test, do not install data cable, ensure jumper is on slave, plug a different 12 volt plug into DVD-RW, turn power on, is power light constantly on? If yes then problem with DVD-RW, electronic malfunction, constant power indicates bad electronics and needs replacement. If no then tray should open. Please also before any of this, manually open tray with a paperclip in the little hole below tray on DVD-RW, you will feel pressure and tray should slide forward, make sure it's empty.
  2. PS, is it the DVD-RW that works in another system or the hard drive? If the DVD-RW works in another system then it's definately power supply, where you located, which country did you move to, power spikes can screw up your whole system...please check this
  3. its the DVD-RW that worked OK in another system... I was in Israel...moved to Sweden... I did suspected bad electricity and wanted to buy a UPS, but it cost around 100$ that I didn't have.
  4. I removed data cables, put it on slave and the drive was fine...except that there's no use of it when it's not connected to a mo-bo.
    Also...I've been having some strange issues BIOS setup password doesn't work and the PC shuts down right away (it should've been after 5 sec)...So maybe it's a BIOS issue after all?
  5. I changed the battery-no result!
  6. Also-its not a cable issue, since I used one from a different (working) system-no change.
  7. power supply issue, most likely an actual power issue in older power lines not regulating power correctly, if can go into Bios and check PC Health (Voltages and fan spped of power supply) does it jump a lot on +5 and +12 volts? If this is the case you need a UPS and/or a new power supply....sorry.
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