New Build, No Post with P5Q Deluxe and ATI 4870 X2

Hey everyone,

Just started building my new PC today. Specs:

Asus P5Q Deluxe
Intel Q9550
Diamond ATI Radeon 4870 X2 HD
4GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2 DHX

I am getting the long beep followed by 3 beeps error with nothing showing on my two DVI connected monitors. According to the manual, this means no VGA detected. It may seem like a dumb question, but does this automatically imply my Video Card is bad? I did buy it at Frys as a discounted item (aka probably returned). I guess that was my first mistake, but you'd like to think they do a check on returned items before reselling them to people.

Any chance it could be anything else? Anyone have a similar set up with success stories? Should I return the card first thing tomorrow?

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  1. If it's fully seated, both power connections have been made, and you have an adequate power supply then I would guess it's back to Fry's.
  2. Sorry, yeah, I forgot to mention I'm using an Altec 850W PSU. Should be good enough. Also, it is fully seated, I've tried it in all 3 PCIe ports on the mobo and it has been a no go. Back to Fry's tomorrow =\
  3. Fixed. It was a bad video card, returned it for a new one and everything is spiffy. Thanks for the help.
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