SATA DVD-Burner Problems??

My Specs: i bult my pc 2 years ago and it is running windows xp sp3 and has an amd duel core x64 and 3gh my hard drive is an sata western digital harddrive and my motherboard is a gigabyte s-series model GA-M61PME-S2.

i previously had two ide dvd burners in it but they went bad after awile so i bought a new LG ide dvd burner and an new Plexor SATA dvd burner, my problem is that when i installed them they showed up and every thing in my computer but when i put a disc in the Sata drive it wont read the i dont know if i have to do something in my bios for it or what...?? Please help any way you can.
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  1. Is the drive showing up in My Computer? I'd try updating the firmware/driver from the manufacturer's website, specifically for Windows XP and see if that solves the issue.
  2. yes it shows up in my computer, ok i'll try that thanks but, i will also insert a disc and it wont read it but if i log off then log in with the disc still in then it will read it
  3. sorry it didnt work
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