what can you say about PALIT radeon HD4650 Super?

HI all!

Does anyone here owned a Palit HD4650? If does, can anyone tell me about the performance of this card? Reviews aren't enough! :bounce: need live experiences.
Cons and Pros?

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  1. The palit hd4650 is a good card for the price. I have it combined whit pentium dual-core e5200, 2GB ram, and asus P5QL PRO mobo. It works fine on games. Crysis 1024x768 all setting on high i get stable framerates until the ice level or when you get into a large number of trees and other vegetation.As for other games, COD4 and NFS: pro street all settings on max 1024x768 very playable.World in Conflict high details 1024x768 i think 24 FPS average. HD4650 also uses very little power so a 400W(or 350 but i am not sure) power supply should be enough. I think it has a integrated HDMI interface too (whitout any DVI to HDMI adapters :)). About Cons... hmmmm i think its not enough to play crysis at 1600x1200 medium ( i have 17 inch monitor :( so max is 1280x1024) and i would not recomend it to someone whit 22 inch monitor ( for that either hd4770 or 8800gt/9800gt minimum). So, if you are on a tight budget i recomend the palit hd4650. Or, if you arent on limited budget, get the hd4770 or 9800gt whit any Core2Duo 8xxx series. These are very good cards for the price also, enough to run games on 22 inch monitor.
  2. Okay, I have not seen a review of the Palit HD 4650, but let me just ask why not simply buy a HD 4670?
  3. The diffrences between the hd4670 and hd4650 are the clocks and mem. type ( hd4670 uses ddr3, hd4650 uses ddr2). The HD4770 is better than the hd4670 and at 1280x1024 in Crysis high details it outperforms the HD4830 and close to HD4850

    About the price

    But the hd4670 is also a good card for the price
  4. i have this and its great! it can change its clock speeds constantly and it has an auto fan speed as well. a bit hard to get it in but it makes up when you start playing games. the memory clock speed is a bit low but it gets high fps. in nfs underground 2 full settings at 1280x1024 it works without flaw. id recommend it to you. great value for money.
  5. come to think of it, buy from here. its a uk website but it should work, i think.
  6. If you could get 4670 cheaper, then get it...
  7. i had 4650 hd super+ with 2gb ram and 3.06ghz celeron cpu
    if your cpu and ram are better than that believe me it is better to look for another card maybe 4670 or 4770
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