Internet connected but not working after system recovery

After a power blink during a storm, my computer stopped connecting to the internet. The network connections (LAN & 1394) would say they were connected. The LAN could be repaired, the 1394 could not, because of TCP/IP couldn't be queried. Internet Explorer 8 was unable to open web pages. I have had nothing but trouble with IE 8, so I decided to uninstall it and try using the original IE that came worth my machine. this, I guess, created only more problems. I kept getting a message about ordinal 325 in the dynamic link library when I tried to do a restore to an earlier time. I got that msg over and over when trying to troubleshoot, so I finally did a non-destructive recovery.after the recovery, my connections are the same, as described above. They appear to be working, but I can't open a web page on a browser. My wireless router troubleshooter also says I have no internet connection. I have successfully pinged at 100%, I have renamed similar winsock files in the backup folders and I still have no functioning internet, even though the 1394 says it's connected at 400 mbps and the LAN says it's connected at 100 mbps. Please help!
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  1. You didn't say what your internet source consist of.... DSL? Cable? Dial-up? Fiber? Satellite?

    I'll toss this in the ring...

    If it is DSL, you need to authenticate your connection and your router may be able to do this if it is setup properly to do so. Some DSL providers don't require authentication so the DSL moden just needs to be unplugged for a few seconds and plugged back in.

    What's the connection type and what is the make/model of the router?

  2. Oh, sorry-- that's probably pretty important info to leave out.
    I have Time Warner Roadrunner cable internet. My modem thing they gave me does not have a clear name on it. I think it is Ambit and my wireless router is a Netgear N300. The cable company never had me write down any information to use for reconnecting in case of a disconnect. Thanks for trying to help me!
  3. also, I've turned off and unplugged and replugged everything, restarting my computer several times.
  4. I was also suffering from the same issue couple of months ago, i scanned my system for viruses and spwares, removed them and now my internet is working fine
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