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I was trying to run a game (monster madness), but the whole thing (even the main menu) was very, VERY choppy/stuttery.

I have a fairly good computer, which runs quake wars, doom3, etc.. so i contacted tech support.. who informed me that the game needs a card that can do at least Pixel Shader 2.0... and that my card doesn't meet that.

In concurrence with that statement, one of my other games (Empire Earth 2) tells me that im running pixel shader 1.4.

Now. My card is a Radeon x1650, which by all online accounts (including the manufacturer's website) does infact support Pixel Shader 3.0!

Anyone have any idea what's going on, and how to fix it?


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  1. do you have all of the patches?
  2. Download the latest ATI catalyst drivers and try again.
  3. I have all the latest Catalyst/Drivers as well as DirectX 9.0c
  4. I mean patches for the game
  5. yeah its all up to date
  6. Hm... There might be a bad setting in me the options. For example, i remember a lot of cards flipped out when playing s.t.a.l.k.e.r. If the dynamic light was turn off or on (i can't remember), the game would be completely unplayable and eve the menu was slow. Try to turn everything off or low in the options.
  7. yes, youre running SM according to your cards abilities. What different things, and tech support is telling you is worthless. Id check for ingame settings, decrease the settings and see if that helps. If it does at all, it means your card is trying to do too much, or your copy or install of the game is somehow corrupt. You also reinstall the game, or your drivers as well
  8. Ive tried setting the setting as slow as they'l go, every bit as choppy.

    The game has been reinstalled a few times, as have been my drivers.
  9. SM?
    oh wait. nm.
  10. SM Shader Model I beleive.
    Sometimes newer cards can have issues with older games as there suport for lower SM,s can be a bit flakey, amoung other things.

  11. I think it's a fairly recent game(port from 360), and by the sounds of it, im not the only one having the problem.

    Still, i wish i could fix it. looks like it would've been a fun game. might have to chalk it up to a loss.
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