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I am putting together my computer today. I bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus intercooler for my I5-750 processor. My motherboard is a Gigabyte P55A-UD3. I cannot get the Hyper 212 Plus to fit with the universal bracket. I can only get three of the screws to fit. I tried for about 45 minutes trying to get it to fit somehow.

I have everything running on the computer and the OS installed now. Everything works fine. The core temps max at 45 degree C with Prime95 running at 100% load with the average being around 41-42 after around an hour. Is it okay to leave the last screw untightened? I did plan to overclock the processor, but I was worried it may overheat due to the last screw not being tight.
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  1. I'm at work right now, when I get home I can take a picture. I have everything set up to the motherboard including the bracket on the back side of the motherboard setup fine. I just can't get the last screw to be even close to the bracket.
  2. YOu did notice the screws can be pulled out to extend the reach or pushed in to shorten them for the various sockets - like in this pic ??

    THey also have a video of the installation preocess ( HERE - under the video tab) - for the 1366 they mention sliding all of the screws to the farthest reach at around the 1 min 10 sec mark in the video!
  3. ^5 +1 what JDFan said.

    My brand new Thermalright Venomous X is similar. There are two sets of mounting holes to accomodate the two types of new Intel cpu sockets - 1156 and 1336.
  4. Yes, I did notice this. I tried mouting the bracket before I actually installed the heatsink to see if it fit correctly. If I extend the screws it makes only 1 or 2 of the screws fit instead of the three I have now. I need the final screw to move 1/8 inch or so more to the left to get it to fit. The length of the placement of the screws is fine.
  5. Your geometry is off for the reasons people have told you, you need to start over and make sure your screws in the same slot in (of the 3 available) in all 4 corners.
    1 is for 775,1336,1156. Your getting 3 in because of luck, when they are in the correct hole(all 4) it will give you the correct positioning for the 4th screw.
  6. 775 vs. 1156 vs. 1336 for some reason provides 3 different hole spacings. The bracket from Xigmatek has 3 sets of holes and you have to position it differently for different socket type. Take the heat sink completely off, position the brackets by themselves above your motherboard and find out which sets of holes line up.
  7. bkhollan
    I just built a system using the same cooler on an Asus board. I repair other small things for a living (musical instruments) and confess the installation of the cooler was as tedious as overhauling an oboe! Do notice that the backplate that fits under the motherboard also has detents for the screws that hold it on and into which the x-bracket will fit when you put it on from the top. Those screws also have to be in the farthest position for the upper bracket to line up. The screws have a small flat place that has to be worked through the motherboard and backplate and that was tedious in itself. Then you use the little nut driver to tighten the retaining nuts. Make sure the backplate screws are at the farthest position and also that the x-bracket screws are at the farthest position. Also, there are a couple of ways the x-bracket can be configured and only one of them will line up--you will see when you start trying to line it up. You might want to try fitting all this before you apply the thermal paste but sounds like you already did that. Not too late to clean it off and start over. I did get the outfit put together and it works. Thank heaven the fan was already installed--btw-mine had a different fan attachment than the one in the video--it was plastic and not a wire thing--how about yours? My first build so am sure you too can figure it out. Good luck!
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