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Hi, I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to computer stuff, but i just bought this computer Computer and I want to upgrade the graphics card but I'm not sure which cards are compatible with my computer. I tried doing a little research to find out information about graphics card, but I didn't find much useful information. I would like to know more than just a list of graphic cards that will work. I'm wondering what feature of the computer determines what graphics cards are compatible. Also the monitor that I have is this one Monitor Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. Well can you list the spec of your setup?
    What games will you play and at what resolution? (1920x1200)
    Not to mention your budget?
  2. The PCI-Express slot determines the kind of card you can use. Pretty much, you can use anything made within the last 4 years.
    Secondly your powersupply matters as well. The site doesn't say anything about yours but im assuming its pretty decent.

    If you want to play modern games at native res and lots of detail, buy the 4870 from ATI. about $250.

    if you don't have that much cash (skeptical about that) then you can get the 4850 from ATI. That is running wel under $200 nowadays.

    Have fun!
  3. i see from the link you posted that your computer has a PCIE x16 slot, which means your computer will support almost all current graphics cards.
  4. The weak link is your power supply according to HP it is 350 watts but they do not specify Amps on the 12 volt rail.
  5. im sorry i didnt notice the links. if u were to upgrade you would have to change ur psu. i would recommend getting 4870 or gtx260.
  6. If you just want cheap, I'd say go for the 4670. However, you have the cash, might be worth it to upgrade your power supply and go for a 4850 or better.
  7. I really dont know if its true anymore but back when I bought my 1.7 P4 Dell, the power supply was custom, meaning, a standard one wouldnt fit. I assume this isnt the case with this computer?
  8. probably not. Most HPs iv seen are standard ATX
  9. Thank you very much for all your replies, its nice to see a forum that is not rude or just ignores newbs.

    Ok I think I will end up getting the ATI 4870 but I will need to get a better power supply then it seems.

    This is the power supply that is in my computer based on the model number on the side of it PowerSupply

    I searched a little bit and I think I am seeing that you can caculate how much power your your computer will need. Then based off this info, you get a power supply with a bit more power output. Is this correct? If so, is there an easy way to determine the power your computer will need?

    Also a little off topic, but if I do make these upgrades, should I think about adding a fan to my computer? Becuase as off right now there are only four fans, one on the rear of the tower, one on the cpu, one in the power supply, and one on the graphics card.

    Thank you
  10. A coupleof links that should help. The first shows how many watts each graphic card will use at load.
    This one helps calculate how much power your system will use and what size power supply to get.
    Most manufacturers recommend running your power supply at 60% of it's rating at load. This is the point where it's usually most efficient and helps for it's longevity. To help in cooling your best choice is to get a graphic card that exhausts hot air out the back of the case. With a prebuilt like a HP it's worthwhile to get the best cooling solution for any high end graphic card. With your monitor i'd seriously consider getting the HD4870 1GB or the GTX260 216. Download hardware monitor and record your temps at idle and at load now, after you add the new power supply and graphic card keep an eye on your temperatures. You may need to add spot cooling, a case fan (tough to do on a HP) or PCI slot cooler. Any quality 550w power supply would be fine for your use. Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic or Antec among others.
  11. A decent Seasonic or Antec above 500 watts will be fine.
    Definitely get a rear exhausting card like the standard reference 4870. You case will not like the extra heat.

    Pretty much everything Dirtmountain said.
  12. Thank you very much everyone for your help. I will follow these recommendations and get the 4870 and get a power supply above 500 watts. Thanks again for the help.
  13. I'm a newbie as well with buying a new card to replace my current one.

    I have an older model dell (2009) with a 550 watt PSU. The type of games I like to play are mmo's that I believe are mid-range, not high like Crysis or L4D.

    Current GPU: ATI Radeon 3450 256 MB HD/DVI
    Budget range: $50-$100
    CPU: AMD Phenom 8750 triple core 2.4 ghz, PCIE 2.0 x16 slot as well as 2 standard pci slots
    4 GB RAM w/ 64 bit Win 7, max res 1280x1024 (makes me wish for bigger screen haha)

    I don't want to get anything that'll blow up my pc, just something sufficient to replace my current one that's starting to skitz out on me, flippin white screen... argh!

    Any help is greatly appreciated. ^.^
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