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So last night I built my new computer! Its running great and successfully did some OCing! Now I am stuck and cant really figure it out... I am using windows 7 64bit I made a spot for my windows files ( C://) and then I made a spot for the rest of my stuff (Z://) now how can i make this the DEFAULT spot (Z://) to save all of my things too... I have done this ! , but sometimes some stuff still saves to (C://) (like if it wasn't going to ask originally where to place the install or file... Thanks

I have submitted a possible workaround... Please double check it! Thanks.

[#4300ff][#0011ff]In addition to the registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion you also need to change the ones in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.

Then, you need to copy all the files in c:\Program files (x86) and c:\program files to where ever your new locations are. Then don’t delete the original directories, since not all programs are smart enough to make the switch.

Obviously, this works best on a fresh install where the program file directories are only a few hundred megabytes.
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  1. Browse to "C:\Users\<Username>" using Windows Explorer (Press WINDOWS KEY + E to access this). Then, right click on My Documents and select Properties, click the Location tab at the top, click Move which allows you to select the new location for your My Documents folder. Once you have chosen a new location, click OK to confirm the change.
  2. So would I need to change those registry keys as well?

  3. Bump (if thats allowed) someone please help!!!
  4. The best idea is to install all programs (unless you install a lot of games) to C: and move your user folders to D or E or Z. To move the user folders you can go right click on my documents (or whatever user folder) and choose change location. Replace the C with a Z and then most user files (movies, pictures, songs, documents) will save to the Z if they are in these user folders. Don't have to change the registry keys.
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