Can larger capacity memory be used in older banks?

i have a p4i875p which was designed for pc3200 (ddr400) memory, capacity of the banks are 1gb each. after the release of the board, pc4000 (ddr500) memory came out, and does work in the board.
what i want to know is what would happen if i slipped 2gb memory sticks into the banks? anyone try this already? i am wondering if i would damage the board or the memory, or if the board would be able to read and use the 2gb chips, or if they will be used at the 1gb capacity of the bank?
i would like to utilize the 4 memory banks with 2gb sticks each (8gb system).
thanks for any help.
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  1. it probably would give you a BSOD or not start at all becaus it is too far past the rated mobo speeds. or maybe it will work.
  2. thanks for the responce. i was thinking that was a possibility too because the 2gb chips came out a long time after the board was discontinued
  3. well in those days the MMU was on the chipset, so chances are the thing will not take that much ram.
  4. The 875P chipset only supports 4GB and density up to 512 Mb
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