RAID on SB750

I'm a retired Unix Admin who worked on several different systems with hardware RAID so I was very happy to hear that the AMD SB750 now supported RAID 0/1/5.

But coming from that background, what I really want is some first hand experience about recovering either a RAID 1 or a RAID 5 set. How is it done, how long does it take, etc, etc.

After all, who cares about performance, when you cant get your data back !
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  1. to recover RAID 1 or 5, just replace the faulty drive and it should rebuild itself. in theory.
  2. I don't want "theory". I want "real world" feedback !
  3. I know the intel soft raid solutions work whilst degraded and as a user on a single system doing normal user stuff (including gaming) i didn't notice much of a slow down. So whilst it might take time to rebuild its not down time, i've experienced maybe 4-6 hours to effectively rebuild a 420Mb raid1 on intel (I say effectively as i'd experienced an error which made it recheck the array)
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