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I have decided to go with the Core 2 Duo E8400 6MB (Wolfdale) for the processor: I have 3 questions that I think you guys can help with. The computer is going to be used mainly for gaming more specifically WOW. Price is not necessarily an issue just looking for something that will maximize FPS along with stability.

1. What motherboard? I was thinking the P5Q Deluxe from Asus, but I have heard some horror stories about the BIOS being a pain to configure with XP or Vista.

2. What video card?

3. What RAM? I definently want to go 4 GB here even though XP only runs about 3 at most.

Any help is appreciated just kind of confused where to go for this build as it will be my first.

Few other specs of things I have decided on:

1. Antec Neopower 650w Power Supply
2. Antec 900 Tower
3. Stock Cooling
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  1. 1. I just used a P5Q-? (don't remember) on a build for my sister's family, and had no trouble with it. Her husband will do real work on it, however, so I did not overclock the Q6600 I used.
    2. An HD4670 will do a fine job on WoW for <$90. If you'll play other, more demanding games, maybe step up to an HD4850 for <$180.
    3. Get RAM that will achieve its claimed timings on the JEDEC standard (and default) 1.8V. Mushkin and A-Data make sets that I have used.
  2. Any of the Asus P45 motherboards are a good choice. There are problems with any motherboard, but Asus seems to have done a pretty good job with their P45s. If you're buying from newegg check out the combo deal for the Asus P5Q pro, $35 off with the E8400, dropping it to $85 after rebate. I'd recommend the HD4850, WotLK has higher graphic needs then older WoW, for good framerates in graphic intensive areas (raids, PvP, etc.) go with the HD4850. The HD4670 is a good card, but may be lacking at higher resolutions. Go with jtts 2x2 GB DDR2 800 1.8v RAM
  3. I'd pick the P5Q Pro instead of the P5Q Deluxe. Cheaper, and has no issues with large CPU coolers. OK, if you don't overclock you don't care about the coolers not fitting, but the price is still a factor. Check out the GA-EP45-DS3R too.

    How about a Corsair 650TX? You can have that for $72 at www.buy.com.

    RAM: get this one:
    Mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 $53

    Video card: since you're saying "mainly for gaming", "Price is not necessarily an issue", "maximize FPS", I'd suggest something better than HD 4670. HD 4670 may be fine for WoW, but it will disappoint you in other games. Consider a HD 4850 at minimum, or even a HD 4870 1GB (if gaming on a 24" monitor or larger). For example P5Q Deluxe + HD 4670 costs about the same as P5Q Pro + HD 4850 but has only 40% of the graphics power.

    One more thing: if you're going to have a TV tuner and lots of hard disks, get a 750TX PSU. That will leave enough room for upgrades, including adding a second HD 4850. WoW does NOT need a second HD 4850, even one is overkill, but if you get sick and tired of WoW and try something else it's good to have the Crossfire option.
  4. Maybe a slight chance I found a combo deal at newegg.com which paired the

    E8500 with the Asus PQ5 Pro for $275 after rebate, which is cheaper than buying the E8400 and Asus PQ5 Pro separate.
  5. Cool, go for it. BTW, I think this weird pricing is because Intel wants to discontinue the E8400.
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