Files in HDD not showing

Hello,my files (100 gb) in the hardisk is not showing though when i click for virus scan, folders are being scan one by one.
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  1. please help. i was advice to use stellar phoenix to recover my files. is there any other way to recover it. I tried opening the external HD from safe mode but it can not be found. In normal mode, only 2 files are showing (one pdf and one Word file). But the rest of the files are not showing.
  2. files missing are the movies, downloaded games etc..
  3. i have similar problem.. last time used my External HDD is i plugged it on someone else's laptop..

    and now almost all of the files are not showing up.. unless i search them by their file name..

    is there a way to recover them same as before.. coz i really can;t remember all of the file names that i put on my hdd

    plssss helppppp meeee >_<
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