Nvidia nvlddmkm has stopped responding


I'm constantly getting this error. I had vista installed, and upgraded to 7. I formatted my drive and installed a fresh copy, and even during the setup, i was getting screen freezes, glitches and some funky pixels moving around on my monitor.. Can I safely say that my gpu is dying a painful death?

Also I'm looking at getting an Asus ATI Radeon HD 5850 1024MB GDDR5 to replace it. Has anyone got this card? If so could I have your opinion please :D
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  1. Well, that is the display driver. It is usually caused by an overclock or an overheating GPU. Download EVGA precision to monitor your temps, then run Furmark to stress the GPU. If the temps raise above 100c then you know that is your problem. You can replace the thremal paste on the GPU and blow the dust out, that will drop the temps drasticly.

    If not you should update your drivers before buying a new card.
  2. I have stress tested the card, temps go to around 90C. When it idles it's around 50-60C and I constantly get crashes! I've tried running the latest drivers, that didn't work either. I could try re-applying thermal paste. It's an old 8800gts, and it's served me well so I'm not too bothered about spending some money on a new card...
  3. So, I opened up the card, cleaned out any dust, I was actually surprised how clean it was in there... Applied some AS5 thermal paste, put it all back together. Double checked that I have the latest drivers, which I do. Same thing happens! I ordered an Asus ATI Radeon HD 5850 1024MB. Hope it turns up tomorrow!!!

    Thanks overshocked for your your reply, never knew what a GPU looks like under the cover :)
  4. I was just giving you one reason why this could be happening. There are actually many reasons. I would read this website....

    edit: no problem, i hope you enjoy your new gpu.
  5. Yes I read that before starting this thread. I tried most of the possible fixes. The thing is it started very randomly, and since it started it's only become worse. I can't even boot now so now I know it's dead.
  6. I got that error quite a few times playing Crysis....eventually realised my GPU fan speed wasn't changing even though the temp seemed to max out around 75C (which I believe is still fine)...anyway once I installed rivatuner a created a schedule to increase the fan speed I haven't had it since.

    Mind you when you said you had vista...were you getting that error in vista? And then it started in w7?.......I say this because thats what I believe happened with me.
  7. Yep, it started in vista and now happens in w7. I'm pretty sure the card isn't overheating, I was in Australia when I got it, used it there and from the get go it got up to 83-85C before the fan speed increased automatically (i read up on this, it's normal) . I now live in the uk, and have a new case with an extractor fan right next to the gpu and I've never seen it go over 75C whilst gaming.
  8. I read that it happens in XP too. The thing is, I hadn't installed any updates/drivers. Everything was fine (for 2 years), until one day I started getting more and more crashes. I tried a lot of the possible fixes, non of which worked. I tried reinstalling a fresh copy of the OS, this didn't work either. I'm fairly confident that it's the card. Like I said, I can't even boot anymore, not even in safe mode.
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