I have 2 500 gb HDDs on raid 0 for a total of 1Tb with winows 7 ultimate 64 bit

I have 2 500 gb HDDs on raid 0 for a total of 1Tb with winows 7 ultimate 64 bit and I added a 30 Gb SSD and planning to install Ubuntu on the ssd , I have 2 issues, the major one is that everytime I install Ubuntu on the SSD using "install Ubuntu alndside windows 7" option the system will only boot to the ssd Ubuntu everytime with no luck to get windows running again, I know that windows is there on the HDD but I cannot get to it. the second problem is that before installing ubuntu , windows does not list the ssd or cannot find it. it only shows up on the start up list of drives as a non raid drive but windows 7 cannotfind it or format it or anything
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  1. In your bios in the boot sequence tab you want to have the hdd that has your Windows on it listed as the first boot option then when your computer boots I believe you will have an option to boot into Windows or Ubuntu.
  2. I have the CD rom first then the HDD then the SSD, but still not helping, always goes to Ubuntu and even if I turn off the ssd from the bios I still cannot go windows
  3. Tech answer:

    Go to the Ubuntu site and run the program WUBI (it should default to the latest stable 64-bit version).

    You can point to the drive you wish to use and it will install into a FOLDER instead of requiring you to partition a drive etc.

    *I just added the folder "Ubuntu" on a 1TB hard drive and pointed to that.

    Main points:
    - easy installation with WUBI
    - easy removal with Add/Remove programs
    - boot menu automatically changed when adding or removing (reboot for choice of Windows or Ubuntu)
    - Ubuntu runs exactly the same as if you'd installed it with the normal, non-Wubi method

    Ubuntu detected my Intel RAID0 drives but not my other RAID0 using a Marvell chipset.
  4. Did you put the hdd first ?
  5. o.k. at this point nothing seems to work and I am thinking of reformatting everything and re installing windows and then wubi, but how can i make windows see the ssd drive because the last two times I did this windows cannot find the ssd drive and maybe I have to change something in the BIOS
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