Corsair Airflow Fan Problem No Way to attach it XD

Hi, i have a problem XD...

I got the Corsair Dominator GT 4Gb 2000Mhz 8-8-8-24 set, what could be wrong with that you might ask well.
This is a weird problem as other people that own a Corsair dominator airflow fan might know of the crappy mounting system.
It is hold into place by two brackets over the clips that hold the memory in place.
Here's the deal my motherboard (ASUS maximus III formula) doesn't have the clips on one side.
So when I mounted it, it just is not fastend shut not a big deal in a normal case aswhere a memory whould be positioned verticaly and it would just hang, however i have a rather special case (Silverstone Raven 01) where the MB is twisted 90degrees
and the memory fan now horizontaly just plain simple slides of WHAT TO DO...

i would say some brackets of somesort but i don't know...

anyway any insight might be helpfull.

(Rare combos do happen)
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  1. I would say electrical tap would be your best bet.
  2. how do you mean?? its the fan not mounting proparly i would say tie rips
  3. Yeah, i would just rig it like that somehow. A pic would help.
  4. AW GEEZ! Do you mean you have the Corsair memory modules that come with their own cooling fan?
  5. yep looks awe some
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