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The strangest thing has happened with my Program Files. I first noticed this missing OEM logo icon problem when I went to Start> All Programs. About 80% of the programs OEM logo icons are gone and replaced by these generic looking folder icons. Went to Program Files and they've ALL been replaced with the generic icons- same in All Users, [user name], and all throughout the system. I have not made any changes in settings. All of my files and folders are set to list as 'Details', as it is easier for me to see them and view dates. However, with the OEM logos as icons, they are more readily recognizable.
I have spent the last 3 hours trying to figure this out through Google Search, went back a day to a restore point, all to no avail. Some of the searches suggested increasing the icon cache volume via some dword reg tweaks- which didn't work. All is well within the system as we just performed a clean install of the OS a couple of days ago. (XP Pro SP3 X86)
I know one of you has the correct answer for this dilemma, so please chime in on this! Thanks a bunch!
Would a screenshot pasted here help?
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  1. Chime in?? OK, I'll be first....

    Stay out of the registry.

    Right-click desktop, select Properties.

    Click Settings tab

    Change color depth from 32 bit to 16 bit, click Apply.

    Change color depth from 16 bit to 32 bit again and click Apply, then Ok,.

    press the F5 key.

    Did it help?
  2. LMAO!...Well, first of all, whenever messin' with the registry we back up. And secondly, the color change is just one in a long list of gimmicks that don't work. Two hours of Googling verified that.
    After the long distant run around I put myself through, it came down to a file/folder association matter. No harm, no foul- It's fixed now. The event didn't in anyway affect the OS performance. It was just a visual nuance- with me, that is!
    Oh, by the way, I think maybe it's time you get a new cat!
    Go Here:
    LMFAO!....Thanks for the reply!
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