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When i go under the BIOS there is the "EZ OC" feature or w/e it's called, and i change it to OC my CPU to 3.6ghz but then when i save changes and exit, windows 7 (64-bit home premium) won't open. it goes to some screen that says there is a problem and windows can't open.

sooooooo what am i not doing right? can anyone help?

thanks for any and all help!
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  1. Do you get a BSOD? If so, you have a bad chip and the settings that it sets it at dont work. You will need to set the Vcore manually. I suggest reading some overclocking guides.
  2. First I get a black screen where I can select star windows anyway then I get a bsod. Do you have any suggestions for a good oc guide?
  3. The same thing happened to me. It took some patience but I feel I have a very nice 3.6 GHz overclock. EZ OC sets the BCLK too high. Start small. I'm using 153 instead of 133. Leave turbo on and V-Droop off. Everything else is pretty much on auto including CPU voltage. See how that goes. If you want I may be able to send you my OC DNA file.
  4. Try this:
    3.6GHz: (24hrs Small FFTs test, 30hrs-2mins Large FFTs test and 14hrs-12mins Memtest86+ stable!)
    Load-Line Calibration: Enabled (or Level2 for Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD5)
    Vcore= 1.21875V
    QPI/Vtt/IMC= 1.14V
    PCH= 1.10V
    PLL= 1.80V
    RAM= Specified voltage for your RAM

    Follow the following guide if it does not work.

    LGA 1156 Core i7 & i5 Overclocking Guide
  5. I would recommend to check this overclocking guide for First Generations of Core i5 and Core i7: http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-1857667/overclocking-guide-core-gen-p55-socket-1056.html
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