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I removed my flash drive from my macbook without ejecting it and somehow word was doing something in the background on it and when I removed my flash drive every word document was corrupted. I decided to reformat it to delete all those fragmented files. I formatted it on the mac book as a FAT32 drive. It said it formatted all 4 GB. But when I plugged it into my windows 7 machine, it said that I need to format the drive in order to use it. But when I format it on the windows machine, it doesn't let me make the size any bigger than 200mb. I'm stuck, what do I need to do to get my flash drive back?
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  1. I actually formatted it on the mac as MS-DOS (FAT). When I plug it back into the mac book, it recognizes the flash drive with both partitions. A 3.84GB partition and a 200MB partition.
  2. I just found something I didn't before. I created a new partition and formatted it as "free space". then I plugged it into the windows machine and went into the disk management utility and formatted as FAT32. All works now. CHEERS!
  3. Yes, know however FAT32 easily corrupts as it got no journal like NTFS does. If you pull out the drive while the OS has not written everything to disk yet, you may be affected by filesystem corruption again. Make sure you keep a backup always; no FAT(32) filesystem is safe.
  4. ok so I got it formatted to the right size using FAT32 but now, when I plug it into any computer, I cant stop it. I have to force eject it. It has also been corrupting word documents I save on it at random. I think I might have killed it...
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