I7 920 moderate overclock with 12 GB ddr3 and still keep timings down


So a bought a new system that will be used for 3d modeling/rendering.

Asus pt6 deluxe v2
i7 920 with Corsair h50 cooling
12 GB kit OCZ 1600 CL7 DDR3
Corsair HX 750W

Based on research Ive kinda figured out what i need from this system

I want to keep my ddr3 CL low (mabe 7 or 8?)
I want to run the memory at avarage speed (maybe 1333Mhz?)
I obviously want to clock the processor as high as possible (for rendering) while maintaining the ram settings. (maybe to atleast 3,4Ghz?)
But I still want a stable and solid system.

I tried to overclock te CPU by reading the guide here, and watching video tutorials and succeded to run stable at 3,8 GHZ. But the ram CL went up to 9. In all the guides theres obviously always som parts that differ from my system, therefore i dont dare to duplicate their settings.

So my questions are as follows; Are my goals possible on this setup or am I aiming to high? If its possible how to set it up in BIOS on my pt6?

Any help is appriciated!
Please excuse my bad English.

Best regards
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  1. Your missing what the memory speed is at cas9. Either way, if the system is stable your not leaving much performance on the table with cas8. Your most performance increase is from the o/c cpu frequency.
    The 1336 experts can take over. But setting-finding the voltage for ram Vdim - qpi, also will help ensure ram+ overall stability.
    Oh, at 3.8 or lower you can usually leave eist , and other power saving functions on, beyond that you probably will need to go in and disable advanced cpu features.
  2. When you overclock in bios, you should be able to set the speed for you ram as well, and depending on the settings you used for overclocking, you will be able to set your ram speed at 1600 MHz or close to it, and as long as you keep the speed at or below what the ram is rated for, you can run them at the rated CL 7 setting.

    The setting for selecting ram speed, from memory, should be in the first or second section of settings on the same page as where you set voltages.
  3. 12 GB of RAM will put a bit of a hit on RAM performance.

    I want to run the memory at average speed (maybe 1333Mhz?)

    Your memory will run based upon the BCLK and the multiplier. At 3.8 GHz, I am gonna assume:

    3.8 GHz / 21 CPU mult = BCLK of 180. Depending on the memory mult you choose....

    180 x 6 = 1080
    180 x 8 = 1440
    180 x 10 = 1800

    This guide is written just for you :)

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