The fans on the Antec 900

ive got all the fans on my antec 900 case on low yet i still get annoyed at how loud it is when it is next to me!
unfortunately the fans have 4pin molex connections and plug directly into the power supply.

is there any kind of adapter you can get that will change it from a 4 pin molex to a normal 4 pin that i can plug straight into the motherboard? this would allow my to manually control my fans and keep the LEDs on aswell!!
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  1. I would like to know this also.
    Aslo I would like to get a real nice front panel display that will show tematures.
  2. yeah, i was planning on buying one, before i realised that all of the ones on sale connect up to fans with the motherboard 4pin connection, so they're useless with the molex fans
  3. I know many online vendors have molex to 3 pin adapters. I cannot remember seeing any molex to 4 pin adpaters.
  4. fair enough, as far as im aware you need a four pin connectot to allow the motherboard to actually monitor/change the fan speed, doesnt 3pin just power it?

    thanks for the reply
  5. You will need to replace all the current fans with one that can be plugged into the mother board.
    I will look for the post that talks about this.
  6. yeah ive been looking into that anyway, i wanted to change the colour of them!! i want a red machine, not a blue one!!
  7. I have the ASUS P6T MO If i get molex to 3 pin adapters will the stock fans work by being adjusted by the MO?
  8. I'm not sure i might by and adapter just because they're cheap but from what I can gather, you can only adjust fan speeds through your Mobo if you use 4 pin connectors
  9. alright so the easiest thing to do especially with the antec 900 case is to get a fan controller ie the sunbeam chromatic windmill or some other controller then purchase molex to female three pin connectors. using the motherboard to control the fans is a real pain in the ass with all 4+ fans and you would have no real way to change the settings independently unless you had a pretty spiffy mobo. so the controller is probably the best bet and y not - looks tight - fits in the antec 900's extra expansion slot - its EASY
  10. also if you did want to just control all four fans from one motherboard male 4pin slot you could track down (and they do exist) a molex to female 4 pin connector and then just stack the molex connectors. However you won't get nearly as much power this way and your led's may dim =/ again the easiest thing to do is just get the controller.
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