Why game application will close in the middle of gaming?

Just a simple question if anyone have experiences this issue or not. I'm no longer have issue with my screen freezes during heavy combat or explosion scheme but now when I set the effects to high and 4x anti the game may suddenly close the application. I've check the temperature and its cool at full load with GPU at 50 and CPU/HD at 30. I also open the case and touch the memory as well. Its warm but no where near hot at all. Not sure what's the cause of it. Anyone have this issue happen before? I'm thinking either the CPU is lagging behind and causing the application to close or 9800GTX+ simply is not powerful enough still to run Crysis at full resolution.

CPU upgrade assumption was arrived from my initial upgrade to my new CPU 3 month ago and I was able to play Quake4 & Doom at ultra resolution with my old nVidia 6200LE 128mb.

CPU AMD X2 4800 Brisbane
Thermaltake pure power 500w
OCZ PC6400 Ram 1gb x 4
EVGA 9800 GTX+ 512 ddr3
SunBeam 4 fan controller
Antec Tri 3 x 120mm fan
Antec Tri 1 x 140mm fan
Antec 300 case
Hitachi 160gb SATA 5400rpm HD
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  1. Are you using the latest drivers from nVidia's Web site?
  2. Yes, I'm using the latest driver from nVidia's web site.
  3. It does sound like driver issues try uninstalling/clean and reinstall drivers
  4. I did the clean install over the weekend with the new driver. Would XP 64 be an issue? I still waiting for my Vista32/64 to arrive or maybe reinstall XP32.
  5. It could be XP 64, yes. Game developers tend to do a lot more QA on XP 32 and Vista 64.

    Is it happening in several games, or just Crysis?
  6. I have not try my other games due to the game require on Quake4 and Doom is no where near the demand of Crysis. I bought my first real gaming card 9800GTX+ just for Crysis. I'll give it a shot today with Quake 4 and see if I can duplicate the same issue. I really doubt it as Quake4 was able to run on Ultra high resolution when I was on 8600GTs 256mb without a hitch.
  7. Tested playing with Quake 4 and can not duplicate the issue. I lower the resolution to 1280 x 1024 medium 4 anti and the issue seem to be resolve. I guess 9800GTX+ doesn't have the juice to power the game at 1680 x 1050 with 4x anti.
  8. Fleakiller & Aevm make valid points.
    I just expienced a couple of issues with drivers myself.
    1.)Had problems with driver 178.13 hanging when I ran 3dMark03,looked a flock of red birds taking off.
    2.)Installed the latest beta driver 180.43 No fan,looked at my other monitor 68c idle bout had a heart attack!!
    3.)Shut down,uninstalled,had a shot of whisky,and went Nvidia's web sight,got driver 177.79 runs nice and cool 46c idle.
    PS:went from 23,760 to 27,324 in 3dMark03
    9597 to 10,819 3dMark06
    So you may want to try 3 or 4 to see what one's most compadible with your set up.
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