New A-Data S596 SSD not that fast

I just installed a new S596 128g SSD, fresh win7 x64 install on a P6T Deluxe V2 mb (driver ver 0804). I'm getting an AS SSD Benchmark score of 120. Sequential reads are ok - 220 mb/s, but random r/w (4K blks are 15/16 mb/s respectively). No perceived difference in boot/load times. Drive is running IDE in bios - but I've tried AHCI with no improvement. Drive only has OS and a few programs - no games yet - on it. Is performance normal for this drive? What should I check?
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  1. Well what controller does it use? As you know, only the controllers from Intel, Sandforce and Micron offer good random I/O performance.

    Controllers from JMicron/Toshiba and Indilinx offer substantially less random I/O read and write performance, and have high write amplification ratio.

    They should still be good for booting and application-launch though, as latency and random read performance are the most important factors here and even cheap SSDs can do this very well.

    Generally i recommend the Intel SSDs, as they are only slightly more expensive but offer a very good controller that is far superior to the Indilinx-controller SSDs.
  2. This is the JMicron 612 controller I believe - which was supposed to correct the problems with the earlier 602 controller. I found this at under $300 and wanted to give it a try.
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    Well as i said, it still makes a good boot disk, and launching applications should be fast. But for an SSD, it's on the lower end of the performance spectrum.
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