Overlocked 5970, Furmark FPS inconsistent.

Okay on stock 5970 725/1000:

Furmark stability test , 640x480 NO AA: I get 329 MAX FPS..

Overclocked to 900/1225 w/ increased GPU Voltage (not memory): I get 368 MAX.

Overclocked to 906/1251 w/ increased GPU Voltage (not memory): I get 360 MAX.

The question is: Is Furmark FPS reliable for resting overclock or should I stick with 3d Vantage?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Why would you only look at max FPS? The goal of benchmarking is the average FPS. As long as that is consistent, that's all you need.

    Max/Min FPS could have only been present for a second and never reach that high/low point ever again for the whole test. So again, as long as you see an increase in avg FPS, then keep going at it.
  2. Sorry for the reply. Thanks, PSU just died on me and had to get a new one.
  3. Also, there are several protection mechanisms built into the 5000 series cards. As one clocks higher and higher it seems as if the card slows down - there is a wall.

    You didnt mention heat levels on your card - 900/1200 is pretty high on that card on air.

    Many overclockers up the voltage/clocks and see what is happening to the various benchmarks - not just one. As soon as they flatten they have reached the cards limit and either stop or back off a little. People on air will see those limits much sooner - air simply cannot get rid of that much heat fast enough - even with that fan at 100%
  4. 640 X 480 why would you do that resolution NO ONE else benches at this resolution, try 1240 X 1024, and what you want is average NOT max, besides thats not really an oveclock its like 2%
  5. Graphics cards drop in performance if you push them past their limit.
  6. Furmark isn't a good benchmark. Try something else.
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