8800 GTS max oc g92 sli vs 9800 GTX+sli on q6600 3.4ghz

how big of a difference will a 9800gtx+ sli be compared to a 8800gts g92 sli oc to the max be on a q6600 3.4ghz. I made another build but got a 8800gts g92 for only 120 bucks brand new evga price after rebate. so that was a good deal i couldnt pass but when i went to find another 8800gts its like $180 bucks and thats a S$&# load that i dont want to spend, i was thinking i should have just went with a 9800gtx but the 8800 gts was such a great deal. but anyways how much of a difference would those two be if they were maxed out overclocked. and the heat or power consumption differ. I cant find anywhere that ive search to see a price that i want for an old 8800gts g92 at a reasonable price for me i would like brand new 150 bucks but everywhere is soo expensive can somebody tell me where i can find really cheap 8800 gts, I play at 1680x1050 22in, wants to play crysis max
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  1. the difference wont be to much maybe 5-10% max, but the 9800gtx oc alot better because of the die shrink. this one is 149.99$ after rebate.
  2. They both use run on identical g92 gpus with 128 sp. It all depends on which one is clocked higher. Both are 65nm, and overclocks the same (identically binned chips). At stock, 9800gtx is 675mhz, compared to 8800gts's 650mhz. Although the extra 25 mhz merely eats into existing oc headroom.

    When clocked the same, 8800gts slightly outperforms 9800gtx due to higher efficiency.

  3. what do you mean identical GPUS?
    G92b in 9800 GTX+ is 55nm
    lets see you do this with a 8800 GTS without volt mod

    (my card BTW, stable in all games I play)
    and the 8800 GTS cards are not cheaper
    (8800 GTS)
    9800 GTX+
    so there's really no reason for 8800 GTS unless you can find one at a great price
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