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Hello All,

Windows vista64/Express Gate Power Off clear all the bios settings, as result when the PC is power On again, I get the message F1: Configure Bios; F2: Load Defaults and Continue. If the power off the PC is performed in the power supply, the problem doesn't appear. It executes the start-up sequence normally.

Detauled Problem description:
After upgrade to Bios 1703; PC-Start-up stop with screen
F1: Setup bios;
F2: Load defaults.
Press F1; configure bios; save and Exit. The problem apears again.(PC-Start-up stop
with: F1: Setup bios; F2: Load defaults)
2) Press F2; Boot fails,
2.1.1)Express Gate,
a)Select Bios Setup
b)Setup bios, Save and exit
2.1.2) Boot Ok. vista 64 Ok.
3) Power-off PC; Power On; Problem apear again.
4) Clear CMOS; jumper;
4.1) The same Problem
5) Remove Power Plug, Remove Battery
5.1) Clear CMOS
5.2) Plug Battery
5.3) Plug Power
5.4) Pwer On; The problem appear again.
6. Power On again,
6.1 Boot Fails, Press F1
6.2 Load Boot Defaults,
6.3 Save and Exit
6.4 Boot Fails, with the same screen
F1: setup bios;
F2: Load defaults.
7.I also tried to downgrade but the SW ; bios P5Q-E-ASUS-1406.ROM;
didn't allow, it gives a error message saying to old bios.

Please Help, I don't know what to do next.
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  1. You should press F2 to load the default settings and then F10 to save. Then go back to the BIOS configuration and set it the way that you need/want. If that doesn't work, then contact Asus.
  2. Hello All,
    I have also tried that it doesn't work. What is really strange is that if I Power Off in the power Supply(Cold power off), When I power on it's ok. If power off in Windows the configurations are lost.

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