New Nehalem/X58 build, could use some input.

While trying to install a new cooler to my HP 6200 Workstation, something happened and I blew up the motherboard, I think, that is what the error LED signals. Not to bummed, was going to sell it soon anyway.

Anyway I started looking around and noticed that Nehalem is coming out soon I wanted to build off of this chipset and processor. Being my first attempt at a home build I though I would build this step-by-step on the Tom's Forum so I could ask some questions and get some help.

My first decision is the case I suppose, since I have a month until the release and will likely wait for awhile after that to get some reviews in and then decide. I thought about using my old HP case but, since I am throwing out a lot of money whats a couple more hundred, right.

After looking at a few cases I have initially decided on a CoolerMaster COSMOS 1000.

One of the biggest variables things noise, I need it quiet and I really don't like all the LED stuff that is in some cases.

If anybody has any experience with this case or any others that they want to comment on I would appreciate it.
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  1. wait when they will come out and then plan the build. but they will be seriously overpriced for the little gain you will have.
  2. I personally use this case, it's very quiet, and has everything I required out of a case. The craftsmenship is very high, and the case is very easy to work in. Only small complaint, is reaching the dust filters to clean every once in a while.
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