Dell PC upgrading, advice please !

I have a DELL E521 pc im wanting to upgrade the video card on it. Dell put a very low power supply (305W), and gave very little room for a bigger video card. Also any other advice on upgrades for the ram/psupply would be great.

Athlon 64x2 4000+ cpu

305w psupply: ( for details )

supports: PCI-EXPRESS X16

two gigs of ddr2 300.6 mhz

motherboard model: 0uw457 (dell)
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  1. Pc power and cooling "silencer" units are recommended for a dell upgrade. Newegg has a 500w unit with 35 amps on the 12v single rail for $49.99 after rebate. But you'll have to do some measuring for any high end card to see if it will fit the dell motherboard.
  2. What do you want to achieve by upgrading the video card? Is there some specific program you want to run?
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