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My pc power & cooling ps

Last response: in Components
January 9, 2009 9:28:12 PM

I just finished my second I7 build. I was so happy with the first one I gave it to the wife and built myself another one.
The first one had a corsair ps. the wire on that ps came out on the mother side of the case which was nice to keep things nice and neat.
My second build I went with the pc pwr cooling ps, I was disappointed to see that the wires came out on the door side of the ps which made things almost impossible to keep neat and what annoyed me even more was because of the where the wires exit the 8 pin motherboard was to short to run behind the mobo, so I had to run it over the ps and across the gpu and cpu to get it to reach. the corsair ps wire was plenty long enough to run behind the mobo.

all in all Im happy, just a little disappointed at pc pwr/cooling that they would put the wires on the door side. seems like they would have thought about it a little more before doing so
as you can see in the pic's the corsair build is much neater and easier to get your hands inside. both rigs are the same execpt my second build uses the nvida ver of the coolermaster rc 690 and the gpu in the scond one is a nvida gtx260 core 216 55nm as the first one is a asus top oc 4850


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