Problem with my external hard drive

I've had this external hard drive for a few months, I don't use it a lot.

I tried to get something off from it today and it refuses to be recognized by my computer...

I have tried:
- restarting the hard drive
- restarting my computer
- tried it on another computer it worked on previously
- replaced the USB cable

the hard drive spins properly and doesn't make any weird sound. It is not found in my Device Manager when it's plugged in.
I hope it's not broken... I got a lot of stuff on it :(

worst case scenario, how much would it cost to recover the data from the disk? Can I do it myself?

Many thanks
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    What version of Windows? You might want to try to unplug the device from your computer first. Then remove all the usb drivers from your computer, and then do a restart see what happens. If you can plug it into another computer. It may just be the enclosure.
  3. I tried it on my laptop which has Vista 32 bit, then on my desktop with has Win7 64 bit. I asked someone I know, he said it might be the enclosure too. thx for ur reply
  4. Okay since you have tried it on another computer it seems to be a bad hdd or a bad enclosure. Always good to have an adapter like the Apricorn handy. Keep in mind taking the hdd out of the enclosure voids any warrantys; although, your data may be more important. If it is the hdd, start by running a scan with GetDataBack, if that doesn't work, you can send it off to drivesavers or so on. Their rates start at $500+ depend on how much data you have.
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