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hy there i have a problem with my chipset temperature :| it reach 40-50ºC .. and when i touch the radiator its hot ,hotter than the CPU radiator.
my specs
MOBO: Asus p4p800 se
3GB ram
3 Harddrives (i dont think the capacity make a diference)
lots of things on PCI (TV tunner,3 network cards)
video card : HIS 3850 ICEQ3 512MB DDR3
power suply from akasa 400W
procesor: 3.2 prescot (stock)

anyone knows why it gets soo hot
i need to hold my procesor undercloked to 2.8 :( because its not stable at 3.2 because temperatures goo too high
procesor at 2.8 in "idle" is like 55-60º.
it is another way of cooling it without buying new coolers?

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  1. If the CPU gets too hot, a Zalman CNPS7000C-Cu does a decent job at cooling it. It also helps cooling the chipset. Do you have a fan or two in the back to keep the case cool?
  2. i have 2x 25CM fans blowing air in (nothing for taking it out sadly :( )
  3. well if u have nothin takin hot air out then havin two fans blowing in doesn't help to much i think. and are u just air cooling ur rig or is it WC?
  4. Most cases have 8 or 12 cm fans. If yours has 2 x 25 cm fans blowing air in , then you have a rather large case and cooling shouldn't be an issue as long as air can get out of the back and you don't simply pressurize your case.
  5. ofcourse it exit .. the air have lots of ways to exit.
    my case is Aplus Twin Engine Black
    with no additional coolers just the 2x25CM
    it is just air cooling
    the procesor have its factory cooler
    but the chipset worrys me :( i had 2 motherboard till now same model the chipset was always soo hot,so it cant be the mobo problem.
    i was thinking on geting a AKASA AK 160 BLS 40mm chipset cooler,but im not sure its rotation are 5k :| its way too high for me and i think its very loud too.
    i was thinking on lowering the voltages
    my memory stays at 2.65v ,AGP at 1.6v CPU 1,38~1.45v
    any sugestion about it would be apreciated.i will post pics if you want
  6. You could use a better fanless chipset cooler (if possible) or install an Antec SpotCool and direct its airflow directly towards the chipset cooler.
  7. you could turn 1 of the fan around to exhaust out. If you running CPU at stock. Then the hot chipset is normal.
  8. thats the problem if i hold it at 3.2 (stock) it is unstable(randon rebots).but if i let it at 2.8 it run fine.
    hmm i never though it could be the power supply ... (i did observer a lowering at its leds intensity) but i thought it was my imagination,but if i better look they are really low.
    i think that means it is too strained.
    i will ask my friend that have a thermaltake 550W to lend me his PS to test.
    thanks for reply guys.
    btw the chipset is always hot and you can touch it more than 1-2seconds. :|
    i will try now to unplug some parts to see if the leds are going to normal ilumination.
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