SSD vs Raid 0 - Need your advice

I wanted to buy the new Intel X25-M Mainstream 80GB SATA II SSD but my friends said that I should just buy a second 1 tb hdd and set them up in raid 0.

(I bought the SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s)

What would the speeds (read/write) of x25-m ssd drive be

What would the speeds (read/write) of 2 Samsung 1tb 7200 be in raid 0
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    Check out this thread / answer - I had a similar question a few months ago. There's some good info between SSD & RAID0.

    It depends what you want to do with it. Is it for your OS & Programs or for data storage? If you're just using it for data storage, you're not going to get much benefit of it. SSD's really excel at the small random read / writes, which the RAID0 set-ups can't come close to on 4k random read/write. When I went with an SSD, the start-up / shut-down times of Windows 7 improved dramatically. Programs start up almost instantly.

    As far as the specific specs on the drives you mentioned, if you google it you should find some specs (I usually good "Crystal Disk Mark results Intel x25-m" - or whatever drive you want specs on).

  2. RAID-0 will give transfer rates that are close to those of an SSD, use it if you need good performance when reading or writing large files (and you don't care that RAID-0 makes your data more vulnerable to disk failures).

    SSDs will give you way, way better access times, use it if you need good performance for tasks like booting the system and starting up applications.
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  4. Forgive my dimness, but would there be any advantage to running 2 X SSD in a RAID0 config on workstations for the OS's & running programmes?
  5. Most helpful Sminlal, thanks a million!
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