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Hi All,

I just built a new computer with an ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard with an Intel Core Duo E8400 3GHz cpu and have installed the ASUS EN9800GTHB/HTDI/1G video card but the computer either freezes, reboots or falls into the BSOD.

The temperature is OK (60degC) so it's not that.
I have a new 560W power supply, so no problems there.
I've tested the 2GB of memory and it passes all tests.
I don't have any other cards installed so it's a bare bones system (I do have 2 DVDs and 2 hard drives, but disconnecting them made no difference.)
I've installed the latest drivers for the video card and it still happens.

I've got the latest BIOS upgrade, but can't seem to run it. Double clicking the file "UpdateBIOS for 9800.exe" does nothing - even in safe mode as Administrator.

How do I update the video card BIOS?

I'm assuming it's the video card as it only seemd to do it when there is a lot of graphics, does anyone have any idea what else may cause the freezing?
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  1. Sounds like an overheating problem. What is the CPU temp at idle and under load (e.g. Orthos or similar stress-testing program in Windows)? What are you using to measure the temp? What is the GPU temp at idle and under load? What are you using to measure that temp?
    The Asus tech support website should have instructions on how to update your video card BIOS.
  2. Sorry, as I said it can't be a temperature problem because the GPU runs at a nice 60degC (52degC if I run the fans at 100%) and the CPU reaches a very acceptable 32degC (29degC at 100% fan) and that is while playing 2 movies, running two virus scanners and 3 system status applications (PC Probe II, AI Suite and SmartDoctor all from ASUS.) It even keeps these temps if I block the input fans while running the above. So far this test hasn't caused the machine to stop (though it did freeze once first thing this morning as I started retesting it.)

    I checked the ASUS support site before asking for help and it has no instructions on how to update the BIOS of a GPU (If you know where it is I would be greatfull if you could provide the URL or even the instructions.)

    It could be a memory problem... Perhaps I have to manually adjust the M'Board BIOS memory timing (I think that's what needs adjusting.) Can anyone give me the correct BIOS settings for a pair of Amicroe 1Gb DDRII 800Mhz memory sticks?
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