1024x768 res >>>9600gso or 3870 or 4830?

Ive been planning to buy a new gpu that can play >>>>crysis on high no aa no af, just all high at this small 1024x768 resolution :D

here's my choice:
1 palit 9600 gso 768mb:cheapest of all but higher clocked than other 9600's out there
2 ati 3870:faster than 9600.....
3 sapphire 4830:the most expensive of all but i think its great :pt1cable:

considering that i am playing at that small resolution and money of course :sol: then if the 9600 gso or 3870 can handle crysis on high with at least 30 average fps then ill be getting 1 of those, if not 4830 is my choice.

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  1. Well, if you want to run Crysis on High then go with the Radeon 4830. You should keep in mind that the review site is using an over clocked CPU and it seems ambigous to me when they say they put the graphic settings on high. I have an overclocked Radeon 3850 and I played Crysis mostly on medium-high settings without any slowdown. I tried it on high settings at first but in certain parts where there was alot of action the frames slowed down considerably, so no I don't think the Radeon 3870 is a good choice to play Crysis on High. The 9600GSO will also have some noticable slow down on Crysis on high settings.
  2. ok then im gonna get the 4830 =)
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