hello, i am new to ocing,but an comp expert. i have oced once with a athlon 4800+ and xfx 750a board. it wasnt much but hey it was a first. i need to know the cheapest over clocking solutions from both amd and intel. there will be no gaming done, just going for the highest speeds possible. i have a old p4 3.0ghzHT avaliable for a intel board (775) but will purchase if needed. on the amd side, i have a 4800+ (am2) but am aware that it will not work on a am3 board wich is the socket im interested in for a amd biuld. i need recomadiations for a board that will achieve me the highest possible oc for both amd and intel. willi8ng to spend 200-250. thanks, Nick. :hello:
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  1. Forget about the 4800+....

    The P4 will crush the 4800+ regardless, but the downside is that good P4 mobos's are scarce and it will cost an arm and a leg to get a good one paired with some decent DDR2 ram.

    My suggestion would be to look on e-bay or any other auction sites to get the best deal possible.
  2. You have some pretty old (by computer standards, anyway) hardware. I recommend you save your money and eventually build an AMD or i5 system.

    If you want to tinker with what you have, go ahead. But I wouldn't put any money into either system.
  3. yea he is going to need some $$ to invest in that P4 =)
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