Radeon HD 3650 LCD HDTV Intermittent Display Problems

I just bought the Raedon HD 3650 512MB PCI-e 16x (low profile) for my media center pc. My media center PC is connected via HDMI from this card to my Philips HDTV.

After a couple of days it started acting up. When I turn the channel or turn the tv off and go back to the HDMI Input channel which displays my computer, it won't display unless I reset the computer. When I do reset the computer the resolution and frequency is all screwed up and I have to go into catalyst and set the resolution right and frequency right (1280 x 720 @ 60hz). Any ideas why I keep losing display signal every time I change the channel or turn the tv off and then try to go back to the HDMI imput channel? This doesn't happen if I keep it on the HDMI input channel.

A few things I have tried:
-Switched the HDMI cable
-Reinstalled drivers and updated them (catalyst)
-Updated my HDTV internal firmware (Philips HDTV)

Few technical issues that may be affecting:
-My old card was integrated on the MOBO which is also HDMI. Not sure if I need to disable or change things in BIOS.
-My PSU is 274watt the card does recommend 300 watt, but since it powered up and played Dead Space fine, I figured this was the last thing it could be.
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  1. Update:
    I went into the BIOS and everything looks fine. The MOBO sees the new card in the PCIe slot and set it as the default GPU. Although I cannot completely disable the actual MOBO GPU (only options are auto and on) it is set to auto and I assume that it is not enabled.

    I do not believe this issue is caused by the power supply either as some research has indicated that the display would cut out during normal use. Since cut out only happens upon changing the channel or turning off the TV (not everytime, but very often).

    My next course has been to uninstall cataylist and its drivers completely and give windows complete control. So far upon testing the display has remained responsive.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Update 2:

    Uninstalling Catalyst has resolved this issue. What the heck? So does this mean I can never use catalyst?

    After uninstalling catalyst for the last 48 hours my computer and HDTV have no problems detecting each other.
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